Friday, November 5, 2010

Levi-5 months

Happy Halloween

Family Time in Missouri

Pops with all the grandkids.
Sweet Hannah.
YaYa with the little girls. They were pretend fishing into the neighbor's little goldfish pond.
Grandma Beth with Levi.
Uncle Nathan, Hannah, and Payton looking at the baby calf.
Langley and Sammy down at the fishing pond.
Payton fishing and Langley throwing rocks. Payton didn't catch anything....I wonder why???!!!

In mid October Steve's sister, Christine, flew in from Alaska and Steve's brother, Nathan and his family were in the states visiting from India. So we all met up in Missouri. We got to spend time with Steve's dad and stepmom also known as Pops and YaYa, and Grandpa Bob and Grandma Marge in Springfield and then Steve's mom and stepdad also known as Grandma Beth and Grandpa Steve and Grandma Ruth. What a blessing it is to be with family.
Payton and Langley especially loved getting to play with cousins, Hannah and Samuel, fishing at Grandma Beth's and slumber parties with Pops and YaYa!!

Family Time in Denton

Aunt Julie, Haydon, Will, PaPa and JaJa came for a visit in early October. Payton was counting how many sleeps until Haydon comes and Langley was counting until PaPa was coming. It was so fun to have them all for a visit. The kids loved playing together and I, of course, loved having mom and dad and Aunt Julie to visit with. We went to all the usually spots in Denton....Pizza Inn, Frilly's, Courthouse Collection, Yogurt Story and a new one for mom and dad, Fuzzy's Tacos. We had a great time but sadly i only have 2 pictures from the weekend!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Suzanne's wedding

Levi is 3 months old and Will is 5 days old. What a difference!!!

We traveled to Missouri to see my cousin Suzanne get married to Dallas Jennings on September 11. While there we got to meet sweet Will, who was only 5 days old and get the girls got to play with Haydon. It was a great weekend to spend with family!

Sweet smiles of Payton, Langley and Levi

First Day of School

First day at Sonlight...homeschool program.
Langley loves her sister so whatever Payton is doing or carrying Langley is close behind. Langley misses Payton on school days and is always excited to see her!!
First day of her schooling at home.
On Tuesday mornings Daddy comes home and takes Langley on a walk so Mommy and Payton can do school in the mornings rather than at resttime.

Payton is 5 and ready for kindergarten. After much pray, talking with others and many conversations between Steve and I we decided to homeschool Payton. So I teach Payton on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then she attends a homeschool program where she has PE, music, art, spanish, social studies and science on Mondays and Fridays.
Payton and I are loving getting this time together and the chance for me to see her learning and growing so quickly and then she, of course, loves going to school. Her favorite parts of the day are PE and recess!!!!