Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Payton!

Here is Payton on her new bike. She was very excited! And thankfully, Mommy and Daddy were able to surprise her---we have learned from the past that she is always listening, watching and looking when is comes to presents!!
Grandma Donita, PaPa and Aunt Tracey were able to come down and help celebrate and join in on the "trikathlon." A trikathlon is where you decorate your bike with crate paper, streamers and balloons and go on a bike ride. This was Payton's idea and turned out to be a lot of fun!! PaPa couldn't remember the last time he rode a bike and Aunt Tracey has faced some challenges in the past with bikes:) but all had fun and thankfully, no accidents!!!!!
Langley in her decorated wagon.
Payton's Tinker Bell birthday cake. Thanks to Aunt Tracey for all her help in decorating!!!

Snow, Snow, Snow

Here is Payton and Steve's February snowman. We received between 8-10 inches of snow in a 24 hour period and broke records. What a cold, snowy Texas winter!! Payton is getting spoiled this year with all the snow. This was her 4th time to play in the snow this winter! (2 in Missouri and 2 in Texas)

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Jagels. Here our the great-grandchildren- Haydon(2), Payton(41/2) and Langley(11/2).

Christmas with Great Grandma and Grandpa Shank.

Making Christmas cookies with Grandma Donita. Langley loved the icing!

Enjoying another snow. Christmas morning we woke up at Grandma Beth's house with 8 plus inches of snow to play in!!!

Here is Payton with Grandma Beth and Great Grandma Ruth.
Here are the girls opening presents in Texas before our trip to Missouri to spend Christmas with more family.

Fall 2009

This fall was filled with fun, travel, snow and the news that we are expecting again this May!!!! We are having a boy and are very excited. So here is a recap of our fall in pictures.......

Payton, 41/2, is learning to swing by herself and jump off... and continues to love drawing and painting of any kind.

Langley, 1, loves to play outside. She doesn't seem to mind getting dirty, climbing on anything, trying to do anything her big sister is doing and giving Mandu lots of sticks to chew on!
Mandu loves to chew on sticks and loves getting hugs and attention from Payton and Langley.

This fall we got to travel to Missouri to visit Grandma Jagels and visit Grandma Donita and Pa Pa.

On our visit to Missouri we also got to join in the fun of my cousin Bethany's wedding to Jim Rose. Payton was the flower girl and Haydon, Brandon's son, was the ring bear.
And here is Daddy and his girls playing in the first snow of the fall in Texas.