Monday, April 13, 2009


Payton and Langley in their easter outfits.
Easter morning with their baskets.
Payton is decorating easter cookies....
Here's Langley showing off her easter basket!!!!

spring is in the air....

Langley's first haircut, just 2 little sips to get those long side hairs, by our friend, Jill.
Steve and I got to go to Nascar last Sunday with our friends Josh and Rachel (thanks for the invite).  It was very fun, very loud, exciting and so much to watch! 
Payton and Daddy getting the jeep all shined up for Spring---great jeep weather!
Here is Payton and Steve taking a break from playing in the field across the street from our house.  They play "coach"as Payton likes to call it.  Payton tells Steve how to play soccer---although the only soccer experience she has is from watching The Berenstain Bears television show where Sister bear tries out for the soccer team!  It so fun living with a 4 year old!!!!

Reindeer babies

Payton is on the top at 10 months and Langley is below at 9 1/2 months.  Aren't they the sweetest things?!  So similar yet so different.

Daddy and his girls

Payton's Backyard Fun

Thanks to the mild winters in Texas. Payton loves to go in the backyard and  jump on the trampoline, play on the swing set and on this day reading her books up in the tree.  Thanks to Daddy for the help in getting settled in the tree!!


Langley's 8 months old

Happy Birthday Payton

Payton turned 4 on February 20.  We got to celebrate in Branson at Grandma and Pawpaw's house which made it all the more exciting!!! Especially for Payton.  She likes to tell people that she "is 4 now and she had a party at Grandma and Pawpaw's house, in Missouri. It's a long ways away." Which is a lot of say for a 4 year old and even more difficult to understand when she is talking fast and talking to strangers who are not really listening or half listening. But this doesn't stop her!!!! It's always fun to spend my day with my talkative and energetic 4 year old. 
It is February but this didn't stop her from wearing her new outfit Aunt Tracey and Lorie got her.  Payton loves clothes and has definitie ideas of what she should wear.
Here's Payton loving on Langley!!!!