Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Missouri Summer

Steve, Payton and Langley wrestling. Daddy's favorite time of the day.

Langley loved crawling into our cabinets at the condo.

Langley celebrating her 1st birthday!

Payton out on the lake.

My good friend, Mary, lives in Branson so a big highlight for me this summer was getting time with her. Payton loves playing at their house because dressing up is always part of the fun. Here they are dressed up as cowboys or outlaws---Lucy, Joey, Bella, Payton, Madaline, Langley.

Here was the crowd(Great Grandpa Jagels, Grandma, Aunt Tracey)for Payton and Steve's fireworks show!!! Popper's and parachutes were the main events.

Langley and Papa.

Payton and Kylie, my cousin Wendee's daughter, preparing to get some candy at the 4th of July parade.

Payton fishing with Grandma Beth.

Langley and Hannah enjoying a bite to eat at Grandma Beth's house.

Family photo after a dinner with the UNT students.

Another big highlight of the summer was going to see Peter Pan. We now play Peter Pan at home---I(Kara) am Peter Pan, Steve is Slightly Soiled, a lost boy whose name we learned at the play, Payton is Curly, another lost boy and Langley is Tinkerbell.

Payton with my cousin Bethany at a wedding shower. Payton is going to be her flower girl in her wedding this October.

This is our dear friend Trese, on staff with the Navs, who will be in the Ukraine this year. She will be missed dearly by our family!

Langley with Papa at Silver Dollar City.

Spending time with Haydon, my brother Brandon's son, was a big highlight of the summer, especially for Payton.

Visiting with Uncle Nathan, Hannah and Samuel. Steve's brother, Nathan and family were back in the states from India visiting.

Silver Dollar City with Haydon in a very big rocking chair.

The girls with Great Grandpa Wilson.

This summer we were in Missouri from the beginning of May until the first week in August. The Navigators summer training program is held in Branson and it was our year to lead. Which meant going home for us....spending time with family and friends and of course all the students from across our region and more.
What a busy summer it was!! Steve was very busy leading the program and spending time with students and staff and still squeezing in time with family, while the girls and I tried to spend the most of our time with family and friends. The bonus for Payton was coming back to the condo after a full day with grandparents and getting to hang out with students!!!!
Payton's days were filled with swimming lessons, afternoons at Silver Dollar City with Papa, playing with Haydon, playing at Grandma and Papa's house, White Water and trips to see Grandma Beth, Aunt Kari, Uncle Nathan, Hannah and Samuel!
Langley's days were filled with the same but all the while learning to crawl on all four(before she was doing a one arm dragging herself), pulling up and then taking steps by the end of the summer. Langley just wants to be doing what her sister is doing!!!