Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pops and Ya Ya AND Disneyland!!!

Our trip out to see Pops and Ya Ya was filled with fun and excitement....mostly because Payton was so excited to ride on the airplane, play with Pops and Ya Ya and go to Disneyland!!! We had a great time visiting with Bob(Pops) and Rhonda (YaYa), going to parks and eating fruit smoothies!

Our time at Disneyland was filled with getting our picture taken with all the critters, as Payton calls them, going on rides and looking at all their is to see.
Riding the carousal.

Payton was on the lookout for Goofy and we finally saw him right before we were leaving the park on our first day there.
Minnie took Payton by the hand and went on a short walk with her.  It's amazing what small amounts of attention can do for a sweet 3 year old little girl.  Payton stills says "Remeber when Minnie Mouse.....
Payton loved every minute with the princesses!!!!

Langley did great... she napped and just looked around at all the sights.

The flying Dumbo's were one of her favorite rides.